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Organ building, restoration and repairs of organs of all kinds (mechanical, pneumatic and electric), harmoniums, barrel organs, orchestrions, player pianos, etc.

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choir organs, portative organs, harmoniums, harpsichords, mechanical music instruments, barrel organs, orchestrions, player pianos, orchestrions etc.

projects and construction of new instruments


produtcion of metal and wooden pipes of all kings

addition of pedal and ventilator fans to harmoniums


organ component patrs, special tools


conservation of  whole instruments or wooden parts


transport of organs and other other instruments


instrument landing (choir organs, portative organs, harmoniums, harpsichords, barrel organs)



specialization  in smaller instruments both stationery, transportable and portable (choir organs, portative organs, regals, etc.)


Our products have given good account of themselves both in churches and in Czech – as well as foreign – ensembles: Musica Antiqua Praha, Prague philharmonic choir, Musica Aeterna Bratislava (SR), Musica Bohemica, Kvinterna Praha, and also in the Czech Radio, Prague.

These instruments can be heard recorded on many MC´s and CD´s, broadcasted  at home as well as abroad or live at concerts.






Choir and portative organs





Ø     continuo: 6 registers (by agreement)

Ø     classical disposition: 3-4 registers

Ø     typical registers: Copula 8´, Copula 4´, Octave 2´, Quinte 1 1/3, Regal 8´, Superoctave 1´, Flute 4´ and  2´, Salicet 4´, Mixture 1-4x, Zimbel 2-4x


·        bass and descant can be separated

·        keyboard extent: by agreement,eg C – c‘‘‘ ( +d‘‘‘), f‘‘‘ + g‘‘‘

·        tuning as required: equal or unequal temperature (transposition keyboard transferable to ancient tuning, e.g. a1=440 Hz/-445/ -415 Hz)






·        material on requirement – classical, e.g. oak, wallnut

·        polychromy, marble, inlay, quilding, paintings, carvings

·        low or high

·        without front pipe design (chest instrument suitable for frequent reansport)

·        prospect in the lower or upper (above supporting case) part, high polish pipes, baroque decoration, quilding, „naturgus“ pipes (with natural crystals of the metal), wrought and chiselled pipes


Wind supply:  pumping bellows or  soundless blower


Keyboard: ancient colour – inversion design wood coated keys (plum, hornbeam, wallnut, mahogany, ebony) staining, modern black and white design key, ornamentation



Weight:  40 – 80 Kg, according to size and design

The price depends on the size, disposition, demands, and material used for case, front design, keyboard, etc.

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